Why support Adele’s Literacy Library?

As a non profit organization, Adele’s Literacy Library® appreciates the support from past contributors and welcomes the opportunity from future sponsorships and donations alike.

The contributions and gifts that are received are used to support the programs of Adele’s Literacy Library® as well as to purchase and distribute brand new books to schools and organizations that are in need of them without any related cost to them. Empowering people to read is what ALL is about and your support for ALL is only a few clicks away.

Regardless of the way you decide to support Adele’s Literacy Library®, you will be helping towards a great cause literacy!

Ways To Donate

We can really make a dollar go a long way. Click here to give a monetary donation.

Did you know?
Nationwide there are about 14.5% or 32 million adults older than 16, lack “basic literacy” or the ability to read.

At Adele’s Literacy Library® we want to help lower that statisitc. Help us by donating books.

Simply download the form below and mail it in with your shipment brand of new books. We only accept brand new books. Thank you so much for supporting Adele’s Literacy Library®.