What is ALL for Books?

ALL for Books is the uniquely designed Amazon WebStore exclusively created for Adele's Literacy Library™ (A.L.L.). Launched in the Spring of 2009 as a joint project between Adele’s Literacy Library, and a group of business school students from The Paul Merage School of Business at U.C. Irvine, California. ALL for Books seeks to empower people about the importance of reading through technological resources.

When shopping at the ALL for Books WebStore, you have two ways to help support Adele's Literacy Library™ deliver on its goal of empowering others to READ. First, you can purchase books from the "Adele's List of Books to Donate" category and have them shipped directly to Adele's Literacy Library™. These books will go directly to organizations/groups that are in need of them. Alternatively, you can shop for friends, family, or yourself from the New York Times Best Sellers List and have your order of books shipped anywhere you want! The proceeds from the ALL for Books WebStore will be donated directly to Adele's Literacy Library™ where empowered readers can continue to grow...one book at a time!

The ALL for Books WebStore list is constantly changing. Simply let us know by emailing webstoresupport[at]adelesliteracylibrary.org and we will make every attempt to accommodate your request(s). Also, you can have peace of mind while shopping at the ALL for Books WebStore, knowing that our site has the security and comfort guaranteed by the Amazon brand.