What Made You Start Adele's Literacy Library?

“What made you start Adele’s Literacy Library?” Its the same question every interviewer begins with, as if the previous interviewers before wrote down the wrong answer. So each time I smile and recount the story of how seeing classmates struggle with certain words embodied me to fulfill a need of obliterating the illiteracy rate around the world, and then a phrase such as “Wow. You were so young! Thats wonderful! So….” speaks from the interviewers mouth. What amazes me is that of all the times I’ve sat or stood in front of a camera, or spoke with the hard noise of someone typing my words on a computer, (you may want to be careful……you sound a little annoyed with being interviewed.) Don’t get me wrong I know what you are saying and it ties in very nicely, but if I ever interviewed you and read this, it sounds like you are taking a “jab” at everyone who interview you which would include but not limited to Build A Bear……. 33D…… and Nickelodeon to name a few. If there is a way you can “soften the way you say it” and STILL get your point across… that would be GREAT! I have never been asked “Why do you love reading?” When you think about it, it is such a simple question. Yet, the reason why I love to read is what truly made me begin Adele’s Literacy Library (A.L.L.).

In the 3rd grade, my family moved and in that move I lost my two best friends and the comfort I had in school. In my new school, I never felt as though I fit in and as the new girl I was easily targeted and bullied. It even went so far that a boy put a razor and brush in my desk with a note attached saying “Go shave your mustache.” I know, kids can be cruel. So with no new friends, I retreated to books. After school, I would run into the house to find out what adventure I would be taken on in the “Magic Tree House” series, share hilarious laughter with “Captain Underpants.” (which my mother did not approve of), or daydream about the mysterious Edward who stole Bella's heart in the romantic series “Twilight.” Books became my friends and each story gave me a new found confidence, and a new found love, a love of reading.

Its safe to say that as I grew older I became more outspoken and outgoing allowing me to make friends easily, but I will never forget my first friend, my books. To me, it is not enough to simply tell a child to read. A child has to be able to connect with the story to fulfill the love of reading. There is no better comfort than reading about the same struggles you may go through in life through the crisp typed words on a page. I believe that there is a special book made for each person on Earth, a book that can transform your life, give you hope, peace, and happiness when you need it the most.

As I remember my times curled up in my bed, hiding under the covers with a flashlight to avoid my bedtime curfew, I will never forget the feeling of finishing a book. Closing the pages on another chapter, another story that filled me with happiness, sadness, hope, love, and strength. As I closed the book, I remember silently thanking the author for allowing me to live in another world if only briefly. For allowing me, to store another book in my library. Most importantly, for giving me wisdom for the future and hope for a better tomorrow. Each book is a story waiting to be heard. Reading is fundamental, but most importantly it is life changing.

If you are reading this, I dare you to look in your room and pick up the book you’ve meant to read for so long. Challenge yourself to read the book and its entirety and once you done thank the author for giving you the opportunity to be apart of the story, remember that not everyone in the world has the same opportunity for education, and then pass the book on to a complete stranger and maybe, just maybe we call obliterate the illiteracy rate….just one book at a time.